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I have built a matlab application consisting of 2 views, each one knowing about the other's handle. The main view launches the second view and gets its handle.

Then the function subplot() is called in the main view and an image is displayed using imshow(). What I would like to do is to display in the second view several details of the image, also by using the subplot() and imshow() functions.

Using the handle of the second view I call from the main view a function defined in the second view, which further calls subplot() and imshow() functions for details.

What happens is that initial image in the main view disappears being replaced with the details. Can anybody give me an advice so that I can have the image displayed in the main view while the details are shown in the second view ?

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Post a short bit of code that demonstrates the problem; it is easier to help when we have code to work with. – tmpearce Jul 11 '12 at 22:30
You can use two new lines to denote paragraphs in your posts, rather than a single new line which is ignored. Also, please don't add signatures or taglines to your posts. You can also denote inline code with `backticks`. – meagar Jul 12 '12 at 15:31

Maybe you need to specify the axis in which you are placing your image or data. The imshow command allows you specify the axes to use for displaying images with the Parent parameter.

Combine this with the fact that subplot returns a handle to the axis it creates and you have.

h = subplot(m,n,i) %# create a subplot axes
imshow(img,'Parent',h) %# display an image in the previously created axis

Assuming you can pass information between the two sets of code you would need to retrieve the handle to the axis you want the image to show up in and use that handle in the call to imshow. Here is an example

hFig = figure;
h(1) = subplot(2,2,1)
h(2) = subplot(2,2,2)
setappdata(hFig,'axisHandles',h) %# stores the axes handles in appdata of the figure

Now when you want to show some an image in the first figure you can do the following assuming you know the handle to each of your figure windows.

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I bet this is close to right... but the problem may be one level up: the call to subplot will work with the current figure, which is why the "main window" plots are getting replaced. The appropriate figure can be made current with figure(fig_handle) before calling subplot. – tmpearce Jul 11 '12 at 22:43
@tmpearce Thanks for the comment. I have added clarifications that might clear up how the OP can use the parent parameter in imshow to specify which axes to display the image. – Azim Jul 11 '12 at 22:57

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