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Here is my function to calculate beta for the China stock market:

mybeta <- function(company) {
  cbeta=merge(csi, sdb, by="row.names")

when i input:

weekly.returns.x          1.105631

I only want the 1.105631 from the output, not the "weekly.returns.y" and "weekly.returns.x". How can I do that?

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It's clear English isn't your first language, so I will be patient.

You have revealed what you are actually trying to do, so your first two questions (one, two) could have been avoided because they are not useful for solving your actual problem.

Here is a modified version of your function that accomplishes the same goal, with a lot less unnecessary work.

mybeta <- function(company) {
    stop("quantmod must be installed; try install.packages('quantmod')")
  ret <- merge(weeklyReturn(CSI300),weeklyReturn(SDB))
  cbeta <- cov(ret, use="pairwise.complete.obs")
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think you very much –  user1142618 Jul 12 '12 at 10:10

Use as.numeric

Make the last line of your function


As an aside, there is no reason to be using data.frames here. xts is awesome; embrace it.

Edit: In addition to not needing to convert to data.frame, it's probably safer for your function to not have side-effects (for example, getSymbols("SDB") would return a different value depending on what you passed to mybeta last; also, getSymbols assigns data in your .GlobalEnv by default. You might consider using auto.assign=FALSE. This is how I would edit your function:

mybeta <- function(company) {
  CSI300 <- getSymbols("000300.ss", src='yahoo', from="2010-01-01", 
                       to="2011-01-01", auto.assign=FALSE)
  SDB <- getSymbols(company, src='yahoo', from="2010-01-01", to="2011-01-01", 
  csi <- weeklyReturn(CSI300)
  sdb <- weeklyReturn(SDB)
  cbeta=merge(csi, sdb)
  as.numeric(cov(cbeta[, 1], cbeta[, 2])/var(cbeta[, 1]))
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