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I'm now working on a web application which is mostly based of facebook graph api. I hold some data about users - actually , the possible public data available - such as name and id. I also know that a profile picture is a part of the public data, and I wondered how I'll be able to get a direct link to a profile picture of a user only by using his id?

Thanks in advance

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http://graph.facebook.com/" + facebookId + "/picture?type=square For instance: http://graph.facebook.com/67563683055/picture?type=square

There are also more sizes besides "square". See the docs.

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For anyone wanting the link to the docs: developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/user/picture –  fjarrett Feb 15 at 23:31
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To get largest size of the image


or anything else you need as size. Based on experience, type=large is not the largest result you can obtain.

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Use url as:https://graph.facebook.com/user_id/picture?type=square in src of img tag. type may be small,large.

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This is literally on the front page of the Graph API documentation.

  • /OBJECT_ID/picture returns a redirect to the object's picture (in this case the users)
  • /OBJECT_ID/?fields=picture returns the picture's URL


<img src="https://graph.facebook.com/4/picture"/> uses a HTTP 301 redirect to Zuck's profile picture

https://graph.facebook.com/4?fields=picture returns the URL itself

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Alas, it's no longer on the homepage of the Graph API docs, it's now here: developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/using-graph-api –  Igy Jan 16 at 5:24
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You can use following urls to obtain different sizes of profile images. Please make sure to add Facebook id to url.

Large size photo https://graph.facebook.com/{facebookId}/picture?type=large

Medium size photo https://graph.facebook.com/{facebookId}/picture?type=normal

Small size photo https://graph.facebook.com/{facebookId}/picture?type=small

Square photo https://graph.facebook.com/{facebookId}/picture?type=square

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