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I'd like to lessen the load on a rasberry pie like computer when surfing to an SSL site by using a proxy to do this: weak machine's browser -> (IN HTTP) -> proxy -> (IN HTTPS) -> Secure Site (https://)

I've set up this solution, the other way around, many times (exposing an internal http server to the outside world using apache reverse proxy) and was wondering can it be done the other way around. exposing an https server to a local browser on the LAN as an http server.


edit - Yes. I understand the question seems kinda stupid. And the scenario isn't well explained. And although I appreciate the security related lectures, I kinda understand them already.

For every explanation I might have for wanting to do this, someone will recommend a different way to achieve it, or lecture me on the hazards of doing it in the first place.

Let's assume I have a good reason. Or that I want to do it for educational purposes. Or that I am, in fact, actually that stupid and careless.

A simple yes or no question - Can it be done? If not, than thanks. You helped. If yes, please elaborate on the 'how' part as well.


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What kind of CPU does this "weak" machine have, that it can render web pages, but it can't decrypt SSL? –  Flimzy Jul 11 '12 at 22:42
There are some security issues with this. The browser won't, for example, block unsecure resources that are embedded in the page (because it thinks it's not secure) which it ordinarily would, as an anti formgrabbing mechanism –  Wug Jul 11 '12 at 22:43
Also, lol: "reverse proxy, but the other way around" ... so.. a proxy? –  Wug Jul 11 '12 at 22:47

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