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I'm trying to set up Pylint to only do certain inspections and no others, e.g. only check for W0601 and W0612. I've tried using an enable= line the the [MESSAGES CONTROL] section of my pylint.rc but that doesn't seem to do what I want.

I'm using Pylint 0.25.1.

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Looks like a bug with the way rc files are parsed.

Order matters on the command line (undocumented?) so you need to disable first then enable:

pylint xyz.py --disable R,C,W,E --enable W0601,W0612

But this is not reflected correctly with --generate-rcfile and does not work with --rcfile ...these are probably bugs. Like #36584.

In the rc file with the disable line, all messages get disabled, even with disable before enable like on the command line.

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In Pylint >= 0.27 there is a new --disable=all option

pylint --disable=all --enable=W0201


pylint -d all -e W0201

You can put it in rc file but as aneroid points out there is a bug still that means you cannot then enable any messages, except from command line, so:



pylint -e W0201

would work.

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@aneroid: you may be right that there could be order issue in generating/reading the configuration file; and also that the fact that order matters on the command line should be documented. I've planified and commented the ticket you refer to accordingly.

@peter-graham, so your probably have to use the command line to achieve this until the #36584 ticket is fixed. I would recommend :

pylint --disable-all --enable=W0601,W0612
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Pylint gives me 'no such option' if I try to use --disable-all. pylint --disable=I,C,R,W,E,F --enable=W0601,W0612 works though. –  Peter Graham Jul 12 '12 at 23:04

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