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I have a problem with the following code :

     fstream s("tst.txt" , fstream::binary);
     s.seekp(5, fstream::beg);
     s.write("testing", 7);

it should keep the first five character in the file as it is,but it doesn't ! it discard the whole old data,i have to keep the old data and overwrite just a block of file data , and it should be in a binary mode any one help? thanks in advance.

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What platform and what version? This feature is standard, but poorly supported. –  Potatoswatter Jul 11 '12 at 23:47

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Try this:

fstream s("tst.txt" , fstream::binary | fstream::in | fstream::out);
s.seekp(5, std::fstream::beg);
s.write("testing", 7);

By specifying an openmode flag,you are overriding the default openmode in your fstream constructor call.

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