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I started playing with python/twisted but when I test the stdin example on Windows from cmd.exe, the example doesn't work. I'm using python 2.7 and twisted 12.1.0 (binary msi package). I hoped it was a buffering problem, so I tried also running the script with "python -u stdin.y", but nothing changed.

Obviously, this script works on Linux and on OS X.

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There is already an open Twisted ticket to make twisted.internet.stdio work on the console in Windows. There's even a fair amount of code associated with this ticket, and a huge amount of diagnosis.

In short, the Windows command-line is a huge mess. It's not even that it's a different interface than the POSIX standard command line; it's a completely different kind of thing. On Linux or OS X, the console is like a tiny, fake teletype that you send bytes and control codes to. On Windows, the console is more like a tiny, fake computer running DOS that you write to the video memory of.

Nevertheless, feel free to help out on that ticket! It could use some more interest!

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Possibly the most accurate description of Windows consoles I've ever heard. – Kevin Horn Apr 12 '13 at 4:24

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