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I am trying to decode some JSON into a php array. Here's the code excerpt:

$getfile="{"fname":"bob","lname":"thomas","cascade":"bthomas","loc":"res","place":"home 2"}";
$arr = json_decode($getfile, true);
$arr['day3'] = $selecter;

The only thing that gets returned is '1'. I've checked JSONLint and it is valid json, so I'm wondering why json_decode is failing. I also tried checking what the array is before adding the day3 key to it, and I still return a '1'. Any help is appreciated!

Actual code:

$getfile = "";
    $getfile = file_get_contents($file);
    if ($getfile == "") {
        writeLog("Error reading file.");
    writeLog("getfile is " . $getfile);
    writeLog("Decoding JSON data");
    $arr = json_decode($getfile, true);
    writeLog("Decoded raw: " . print_r($arr));
    writeLog("Editing raw data. Adding data for day " . $day);
    $arr['day3'] = $selecter;
    $newfile = json_enconde($arr);
    if (file_put_contents($file, $newfile)) {
        writeLog("Wrote file to " . $file);
        echo $newfile;
    } else {
        writeLog("Error writting file");

These are the contents of $file (it's a text file)

{"fname":"Bob","lname":"Thomas","cascade":"bthomas","loc":"res","place":"home 2"}
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Can you post your actual code? I'd expect a parsing error rather than a 1. – mario Jul 11 '12 at 23:34
@mario. just added! – Vikram Jul 11 '12 at 23:38
Try putting single quotes on the ends of your JSON string. – wdm Jul 11 '12 at 23:38
@mario He is seeing 1 because of the nested echo(print_r()), the print_r() call returns bool (true) which when echoed results in 1. You'd still expect to see the array output as well though... EDIT Oh actually it would work that way if json_decode() returned NULL (possibly FALSE as well, not sure, I'd have to check) – DaveRandom Jul 11 '12 at 23:40
Doesn't $getfile = ""; make the JSON a string when the file gets contents? – Vikram Jul 11 '12 at 23:40

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We still don't know what's in your file. However if:

"{"fname":"bob","lname":"thomas","cascade":"bthomas","loc":"res","place":"home 2"}"

Then the extraneous outer double quotes will screw the JSON, and json_decode will return NULL. Use json_last_error() to find out. Might also be a UTF-8 BOM or something else ...

Anyway, the 1 is the result from print_r. print_r outputs directly, you don't need the echo. Also for debugging rather use var_dump()

More specifically you would want the print_r output returned (instead of the boolean success result 1) and then write that to the log.

So use:

      writeLog(print_r($arr, TRUE));

Notice the TRUE parameter.

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First, use a single quote. That will cause a parse error

$getfile= '{"fname":"bob","lname":"thomas","cascade":"bthomas","loc":"res","place":"home 2"}';

I assume you have already declared $selecter and it has been assigned to some value.

Remove echo from echo(print_r($arr)) You don't need echo. print_r will also output. If you use echo, it will display 1 at the end of array.

The working code:

$getfile = '{"fname":"bob","lname":"thomas","cascade":"bthomas","loc":"res","place":"home 2"}';
    $arr = json_decode($getfile, true);
    $selecter = 'foobar';
    $arr['day3'] = $selecter;

Hope this helps.

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