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I'm trying to do my app more accessible but I have a problem. A part of my app are pieces of advices each one composed by an UIScrollView with long text. ( The text is a UIImage I prepared with Photoshop ).

And I would like to do it accessible so that the user could listen all the advice and pause it whenever he wants. I thought in using UIAccessibilityLabel but the text is too long.

Thanks for your help

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Let me preference this by saying I am not an iOS developer but am a long time blind iOS user.
There is no way to easily pause the reading of text and resume at the exact same spot that I know of. According to the documentation, I've found accessibilityLabel is meant to provide accessibility information that can be conveyed in under a sentence. An option I can think of would be to test whether VoiceOver is enabled using UIAccessibilityIsVoiceOverRunning. If this is true, you could put your text into a text view, and display that instead of your UIImage. A textView will allow a VoiceOver user to read the text by character, word, or line which is the best option available. If VoiceOver isn’t running your test will return false, the UIImage will be displayed as normal, and the user won’t see anything different.

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