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When I run the following piece of code, I encountered an error: ERROR: Wrong number of arguments to #cartesian (x)>

;;;; function definition

(define (eps-func p)
   (let* ((p (lattice->cartesian))
         (x (vector3-x p))
         (y (vector3-y p))
         (z (vector3-z p)))
        (if (> sin(* 2 pi x y z) 0)
            (make dielectric
                    (epsilon 12))
            (make dielectric
                    (epsilon 1)))))

;;;; function call

(set! default-material (make material-function (material-func eps-func)))

I cannot figure out where it is wrong. The above code is only part of a control file.

Some background information is as following:

(lattice->cartesian x)

where x is a vector3

vector3 is a datatype defined somewhere

3-vector functions

(vector3 x y z)

Create a new 3-vector with the given components.

(vector3-x v)
(vector3-y v)
(vector3-z v)

Return the corresponding component of the vector v.

material-func [function] A function of one argument, the position vector3

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Why the downvotes, without any comments, guys? –  d11wtq Jul 12 '12 at 4:29

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Maybe you should invoke (lattice->cartesian)) with parameter? Or this function returns lambda?

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I've got some response from Scheme mail list. Like flamingo said, there should be a parameter for function call lattice->cartesian, and it reads like the following. (define (eps-func p) (let* ((p (lattice->cartesian p)) –  huskier Jul 12 '12 at 11:07

For me it looks like there are two errors here. First off @flamingo already has mentioned, but to make it clear I rename the let-bound variable so that it is different from the argument. In addition I added missing parenthesis around sin.

(define (eps-func p)
   (let* ((tmp (lattice->cartesian p))
         (x (vector3-x tmp))
         (y (vector3-y tmp))
         (z (vector3-z tmp)))
        (if (> (sin (* 2 pi x y z)) 0)
            (make dielectric (epsilon 12))
            (make dielectric (epsilon 1)))))

I have tested it using dummy procedures and it seems to work. Hope it helps.

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