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I would like to know what is the best way to do the following.

I store data of what a person has done in mongodb like a log



what I need is to count how many tasks where done in that day and put them in a graph like Highstock there site http://www.highcharts.com/stock/demo/

Please help if you know how to do this.

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The command bellow will aggregate/count the number of tasks per day:

    $keyf : function(doc) {
        return { "day" : doc.date.getFullYear() + "/" + (doc.date.getMonth()+1) + "/" + doc.date.getDate() };
    initial: {count:0},
    reduce: function(obj, prev) { prev.count++; }

Then you just format them if needed and send it to highcharts API, but be careful because if you have a lot of data that can be slow.

The other option is to use MapReduce and periodically update the aggregate collection and use that as a source for your graphs.

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  1. use a server side script like php,python to aggregate your data using mongodb queries.

  2. count() , $where , $gte ,$gt will be the operators you can use to query total number of tasks done on day x .

  3. If you need to find number of tasks done on say last 30 days, it would not be a good idea to execute 30 queries, than you would have to use a 'group by' sql equivalent for mongodb, that technique is called 'map reduce'.

Then you can render your chart data in json/xml format using PHP/python on the webpage, as required by your charting library highcharts, ( or you can also try jqplot.com for jquery based charting ).

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