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Is there a ruby equivalent of ColdFusions cfdump tag.

which can dump any object as a html formatted output.

I want to use this to be able to dump any object into an email html body.

I know there is Pretty Print and other gems out there that output colour coded well formatted strings to the console, but I want to be able to generate a html string, dumping out the entire data type I need.

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There's a CodeRay colorizer.

CodeRay.scan("5.times do\n  puts 'Hello, world!'\nend", :ruby).
        div(:line_numbers => :table)

I use it to highlight JSON snippets in my wiki, so if you pretty print objects to JSON and then pass it through coderay, it'll certainly work.

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Thanks exactly what i was after. – theog Jul 12 '12 at 7:11

The rails-cfdump project is abandoned, but it looks like its output is very similar to CF's <cfdump>/WriteDump().

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The dom gem that I have developed lets you write HTML string from Ruby code. Using it, you can do things like:

require "dom"
["foo".dom(:span, class: "bold"), "bar"].dom(:div).dom(:body).dom(:html)
# => "<html><body><div><span class=\"bold\">foo</span>bar</div></body></html>"
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