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Suppose I have a ruby hash :


I wish I could call an API like this:

db.save :people, person

which will execute the following SQL on mysql database:

insert  nto people (name,age) values ('Alex',10)

Is this possible by using rails or other ruby gems?

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You can call ClassName.create!(your_hash), so in your scenario it would look like this:

Person.create!(person) # to create a record right away


person = Person.new(person) # to initialize the object first

person.save #  and then save it

No need to use any external gems, this is standard ActiveRecord, one of the Rails core libraries.

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class Person < Activerecord::Base end

put Person class in a models file. corresponding table name should be persons, Its a plural of model name and first letter will be lower case. Just see the convention for Rails.

Now try


attributes are like column name corresponding value.


{:name => 'sandip'}  #here name is the column name and value is the 'sandip'
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