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I'm having a problem in which the method outputs null instead of returning the (n+1)th item of the list. Is there anything that I'm overlooking .

    public static ListElement getItem(ListElement head, int n){
    if(n == 0){                 
        return head;

    }else if(head == null){

            return null;

        return  getItem(head.getNext(),n+1);


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From your recursive code I'd guess you want getItem(head.getNext(),n-1); instead of getItem(head.getNext(),n+1); – mariusnn Jul 12 '12 at 2:56
Why don't you write a while loop? – nhahtdh Jul 12 '12 at 3:01
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This code doesn't make sense. If head is not null, it will call getItem(head.getNext(), n+1) but eventually, head will equal null (and n will never go to 0) and therefore it will return you null. Maybe you meant

return getItem(head.getNext(), n-1).

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change from n+1 to n-1 (in order to get to the base case of the recursion, n == 0):

return  getItem(head.getNext(),n-1);
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You should be doing n-1, not n+1. n corresponds to the position of the element you want, and if you remove the top item in the list everything moves up down one position, not up.

Change to getItem(head.getNext(),n-1);

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