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I am working on Learn Python the Hard Way, Exercise 48, using nosetests to test tuples. The nosetest I have set up is as follows:

def test_directions():
    assert_equal(lexicon.scan("north"), [('direction', 'north')])

However, I get the following error each time:

...line 5, in test_directions
    assert_equal(lexicon.scan("north"), [('direction', 'north')])
TypeError: unbound method scan() must be called with lexicon instance 
as first argument (got str instance instead)

If I introduce @staticmethod just above "def scan(self):", I get this error instead:

line 24, in scan
    words = self.sentence.split()
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'sentence'

And the code I'm testing it on is below. What am I missing?

class lexicon(object):

    def __init__(self, sentence):

        self.sentence = sentence

        self.direction = "direction"
        self.verb = "verb"
        self.noun = "noun"
        self.stop = "stop"
        self.number = "number"

        self.direction_words = ('north', 'south', 'east', 'west', 'up', 'down')
        self.verb_words = ('go', 'stop', 'kill', 'eat')
        self.noun_words = ('door', 'bear', 'princess', 'cabinet')
        self.stop_words = ('the', 'in', 'of', 'from', 'at', 'it')

        self.a = 0
        self.instructions = []

    def scan(self):

        words = self.sentence.split()
        self.a = 0

        while self.a < len(words):
            result = words[self.a]
            if result in self.direction_words:
                self.instructions.append(('direction', result))
            elif result in self.verb_words:
                self.instructions.append(('verb', result))
            elif result in self.noun_words:
                self.instructions.append(('noun', result))
            elif result in self.stop_words:
                self.instructions.append(('stop', result))
            elif self.test_num(result) == None:
                self.instructions.append(('number', "Error"))
                self.instructions.append(('number', result))
            self.a += 1

        return self.instructions

    def test_num(self, num):
            return int(num)
        except ValueError:
            return None
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It looks like you need to first instantiate your lexicon object with your string, then call scan on that object. In short:

def test_directions():
    assert_equal(lexicon("north").scan(), [('direction', 'north')])

You can see this because the __init__ method takes sentence as an argument, while the scan method has no real arguments (just self, which represents an instance of the object). Using @staticmethod just caused it to treat the sentence (in this case, "north") as an instance of the lexicon class, which fails for obvious reasons.

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Perfect, thanks! – John Rougeux Jul 13 '12 at 3:21

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