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I am very new to CRM development, i was trying to follow this article, i am a bit confused about below code, please check:

var xp = Xrm.Page;  
function onLoad(context) {    
  var accountId = xp.data.entity.getId();

  var mostRecentQuery = "/XRMServices/2011/organizationData.svc/ContactSet? 
 desc&$filter=ParentCustomerId/Id eq guid'" + accountId + "'"; 

  getContact(mostRecentQuery, "MostRecent");

The above javascript function executes when AccountForm is opened. The first line gets the accountId. the next line is oData query. Now check the ContactSet in this query, i am confused here, how we can retrieve the ContactEntity based on the GUID of AccountEntity?

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I found the answer!

Actually there a Lookup 'Parent Customer' on ContactEntity, It represents the Unique identifier of the account or contact associated with this contact. * so we can select an Account/Contact as the Parent Customer of a Contact.*

So this given oData query actually retives the top 1 Contact where thsi Account is referenced.

I hope its clear.

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