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i am able to access any webservice from net through its wsdl and i am also able to create my own webservice and then accessing it through its wsdl,but all this i have done is using eclipse so i wrote very little code that too only when i develop the webservice myself but when i access the web service from remote server, i didnot wrote any code,so i am bit confused is this all i am supposed to do in web services, or i am supposed to do something more if anything more can anyone tell me what else should i do...Thanks in anticipation

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first learn the theory then code !! - "theory without practice is not to set sail at all" – Sudantha Jul 12 '12 at 6:53
Already read lot of theory,so thought time to get my hands dirty...that is why i started coding now...and i am asking,what else i need to know as far as coding is concerned – user1390517 Jul 12 '12 at 7:03

First understand exactly what is a web-service and then move for coding ..... I will describe briefly !

WEB-SERVICE:: They can be called as an API's which acts as an interface between client & server by using a medium called HTTP for communication

Suppose You want to access the data of Corporate company .... they are willing to provide data but they will keep the underlaying architecture of the system confidential. Here the solution is webservice, which allows to acces their data without touching the other layers of architecture ! It allows to communicate between different OS, different applications easily !

Hope it helps !

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