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So the question is described in title. I need to get current second of the day using JavaScript.

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Do you mean the seconds part of the current time, e.g., if it's 5:38:26 pm you want 26? Or do you mean the number of seconds since midnight? Or...? – nnnnnn Jul 12 '12 at 7:39

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You add up the bits:

var dt = new Date();
var secs = dt.getSeconds() + (60 * dt.getMinutes()) + (60 * 60 * dt.getHours());

or if you prefer

var dt = new Date();
var secs = dt.getSeconds() + (60 * (dt.getMinutes() + (60 * dt.getHours())));
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For example (in action):

​var today = new Date(), today_abs = new Date(), today_secs = 0;
today_secs = (today.getTime() - today_abs.getTime()) / 1000;​
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