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I run SecureSocial on a Play 1.2.x installation (on port :9000). Access to the application is via Apache httpd running on port :80, which will then forward the requests.

As for SecureSocial, the URL in the request is now localhost:9000 (see securesocial.provider.OAuth2Provider.doAuth(Map<String, Object>):111), the authentification call will fail.

I look for a clever solution to this problem which doesn't involve

  • Running Play not in front of httpd
  • Hacking SecureSocial
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Did you set the application.baseUrl in your application.conf? For the "production" environment, for example, this would be %production.application.baseUrl=http://yourdomain.tld/ –  Carsten Jul 12 '12 at 10:33
According to play.mvc.Router.getBaseUrl(), this parameter is only used when there is no Request at the moment -- which is the case here, and then, the domain gets pulled out of the Request without looking into application.baseUrl –  Samuel Jul 12 '12 at 13:40

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As per discussion on the Play Mailinglist using the solution provided in the Play Bugtracker:

Set, in application.conf, the parameter XForwardedSupport to all, or a list of allowed proxies.

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