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My facebook-share button was working fine, but since last two days its counter went to zero for all posts. like now my most popular post shows 25 shares, which were 400 two days back. Why?

I used wp-socialize plugin to show share button along with like, twitter and others. I use WordPress - genesis Framework on News Child Theme.

I also added FB-JvascriptSDK code after tag through genesis simple hook but no vein.

I know FB is depreciating the use of fb-share button, but I don't seem to find an alternative to that? and many popular sites like or are using fb-share and its all fine with them?

please help me either fixing fb-share problem or suggesting any alternative.

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The Share button has been deprecated... perhaps they're turning off the counters now as well? See this question: How to add a Facebook share box to a page?

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