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I've added a custom build step to my Visual Studio project files which generates the google protobuf .h/.cc files from the .proto input files. But I've been wondering if it's possible to start a compile only if the content of the proto files has changed?

Is there a way to tell VisualStudio from a custom build step exactly that? What is the optimal way to integrate proto files into a visual studio build solution?

At the moment, at every build the .proto file is updated which then also updates the time stamp of the output .h/.cc files ...which then issues a recompile of everything dependent from that. Is there a better way around it, while still building them directly from visual studio?

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Have you solved your problem? It's a bit strange to ask and upvote a question without any discussion going on. –  Jakob S. Jul 16 '12 at 9:29

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Maybe this helps. Especially look at the post of Igor Zavoychinskiy:

Solution of this nasty problem is actually simple: in outputs sections you should specify full path(s). This isn't explicitly stated anywhere but without this checker just fails to find the files and, hence, assumes they don't exist. For example for protobuffers compiling outputs section will be like this:


and (maybe?) kmote00:

... Bottom line: I just had to make sure my "Outputs" entry exactly matched the Default Value in the (user-defined) "OutputFile" property. (Thankfully this also obviated the need for a two-pass build, which was another annoyance I had previously put up with.)

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This did help! Thank you @Jakob S. I had used relative paths for the outputs section.. and for some reason the $(InputDir)\$(InputName) is not definied... but aside from that. It works with absolute paths! –  Hhut Jul 17 '12 at 12:49
Okay... didn't know I had that option. Found it. Done! :) Thanks –  Hhut Jul 18 '12 at 14:37

Follow these detailed instructions to specify Custom Build Tool.

Considering your proto file resides together with .h/.cpp files in standard project configuration, here are values to be inserted in Custom Build Tool:

Command Line: 
path\to\protoc --proto_path=$(ProjectDir) --cpp_out=$(ProjectDir) %(FullPath)

Please note usage of item metadata macros, which replaced some of deprecated macros (like $(InputDir) and $(InputName)).

Now Protocol Buffers compiler will be run only when Input file (i.e. %(FullPath)) is newer than "Outputs".

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My protoc.exe did not like '\' so I had to cd to the .proto file's directory and use --cpp_out=./ %(FileName)%(Extension) –  mheyman Jul 6 at 1:12

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