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    public void writeToCard2(string sourceText, string cardType)
        Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;

        int itemLength = sourceText.Split(',').Length;
        sourceText = itemLength.ToString() + "," + sourceText + ",";
        byte[] dataByteArray = Encoding.GetEncoding(932).GetBytes(sourceText);
        //textBox2.Text = BitConverter.ToString(dataByteArray);

        int dataByteLength = dataByteArray.Length;
        int writeLength = dataByteLength + 11;
        byte[] writeByteArray = new byte[writeLength];

        writeByteArray[0] = 0x02;//STX
        writeByteArray[1] = 0x00;//アドレス
        writeByteArray[2] = 0x78;//コマンド
        writeByteArray[3] = Convert.ToByte(dataByteLength + 4);//データ長
        writeByteArray[4] = 0xa1;//詳細コマンド
        writeByteArray[5] = 0x00;//書き込み開始ブロック番号
        writeByteArray[6] = Convert.ToByte(dataByteLength);//書き込みバイト数
        for (int i = 0; i < dataByteLength; i++)
            writeByteArray[i + 7] = dataByteArray[i];//書き込みデータ
        writeByteArray[dataByteLength + 7] = 0x40;//オプションフラグ
        writeByteArray[dataByteLength + 8] = 0x03;//ETX
        byte sum = 0x00;
        for (int i = 0; i <= dataByteLength + 8; i++)
            sum += writeByteArray[i];
        writeByteArray[dataByteLength + 9] = sum;//SUM値
        writeByteArray[dataByteLength + 10] = 0x0d;//CR

        //string tempStr = BitConverter.ToString(writeByteArray);

        //port.Write(writeByteArray, 0, writeByteArray.Length);
        serialPort1.Write(writeByteArray, 0, writeByteArray.Length);

        writeCardType = cardType;

        Cursor.Current = Cursors.Default;

the above method writes data on an rfid tag in the line

serialPort1.Write(writeByteArray, 0, writeByteArray.Length);

writeByteArray is the size of the data which is exceeding the limit of the RFID tag, my boss said convert it to ascii code and then write to RFID.

Will this help can this conversion reduce size of data?

Is there any other way round withoud using a different RFID tag?

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The limitation is the amount of data the tag can store, not the protocol you use to talk to the RFID controller. That's a hard design limit, nothing you can do to change it beyond throwing all your tags away and getting a different kind. You'll have to find a smarter way to encode the information into the available bits, like using one byte to encode two digits. –  Hans Passant Jul 12 '12 at 9:36
@HansPassant yeah i m trying to look for that smarter way but for now i can't find one....changing type of rfid is one of the options but it will increase the cost of the project –  Pradeep Singh Jul 13 '12 at 0:10

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Your boss said to convert to ASCII cause device reads information byt per byte. I worked with that devices and that is usual way they read the data stream passed to them.

There is not any allocation benefit in this, cause the size of the data remains the same, what changes is information rapresentation. That is.

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