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I am attempting to use WinHttpGetProxyForUrl where the PAC file specified by WINHTTP_AUTOPROXY_OPTIONS.lpszAutoConfigUrl requires HTTP basic authentication to access.

Is there some way to cause the regular authentication dialog to popup or to supply username and password to use for the proxy?

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Automatic credential dialog handling is only supported in WinInet. In WinHTTP you have to provide a way to get the user's username and password yourself and pass it to WinHttpSetCredentials or similar function. I would check for a return value of ERROR_WINHTTP_LOGIN_FAILURE from WinHttpGetProxyForUrl and then ask for the user's credentials. At which point you could try either of the following to pass those credentials to WinHTTP:

  1. Use WinHttpSetOption with WINHTTP_OPTION_USERNAME and WINHTTP_OPTION_PASSWORD to set the username and password and recall WinHttpGetProxyForUrl.
  2. Or recall WinHttpGetProxyForUrl and supply the lpszAutoConfigUrl parameter with a URL that contains the credentials. (ie http://user:pass@intranet/).

If you weren't using basic authentication I would suggest looking at fAutoLogonIfChallenged, but that is of no use to you.

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