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I use moment.js to format durations in human readable format.
For example (d is a Date object):

moment(d).subtract("days", 3).from(d)  // returns "3 days ago"

Now I would like to get "2 weeks ago" but the code below returns the durations in days

moment(d).subtract("weeks", 2).from(d) // returns "14 days ago" i/o "2 weeks ago"

How can I get "2 weeks ago" with moment.js?

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2 Answers

You can do this pretty easily with a custom callback function.

moment.relativeTime.dd = function (number) {
    // round to the closest number of weeks
    var weeks = Math.round(number / 7);
    if (number < 7) {
        // if less than a week, use days
        return number + " days";
    } else {
        // pluralize weeks
        return weeks + " week" + (weeks === 1 ? "" : "s"); 


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The documentation lists the rules for creating those strings (under "Humanize time from another moment"). While you can modify the strings by changing moment.relativeTime, this is limited to the text that is displayed around the number, i.e. you can't change days to weeks.

You'll have to extend moment.js or write some custom code to implement this functionality.

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