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I am currently trying to model a cube with the following dimensions : Product, Currency, Date. The measure is ProductSaleValueInStock (all this data is stored in a denormalized SQL table). Basically this measure cannot be summed over the Currency and Date dimensions. My goal is to create a calculated measure on top of ProductSaleValueInStock that would allow summing over all other dimensions except for currency and date. The MDX i am trying is like :

IIF( [Currency].CurrentMember = [Currency].[All] OR [Date].[CurrentMember] = [Date].[All],
      SUM({([Currency].CurrentMember, [Date].[CurrentMember])},    [Measures].ProductSaleValueInStock ])) 

Unfortunately, when i look at my data by currency and date (Or filter using a where clause), i get null values with my expression even though the condition is False and the SUM clause returns a value if alone inside another calculated member. I am very new to OLAP so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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