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Assuming I have a table that have a column "time" store the date stamp every five minutes , just like this :

20120701 00:00:00
20120701 00:05:00
20120701 00:10:00
20120701 00:15:00

but interval between the rows sometimes are longer than 5 minites, like

20120703 00:00:00
20120703 00:15:00

What I want to do is to find out all these time stamps that the interval between them is longer than 5 minutes.

Is that possible to find out the result with just one sql sentence.

Thanks for kind help!

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I doubt that this is doable in SQL in any sane manner. – Jon Jul 12 '12 at 9:13

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Try this

select time from table where time not in
select t1.time from table as t1 inner join table as t2 on t1.time=t2.time-interval 5 minute
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You can use a rank to compare the previous row with the 'current' one and check if it's greater than 5 minutes. Have a look here to see how to create a rank: Mysql rank function

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