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How to display my price (200000 into 2 Lacs, 20000000 => 2 Crore)as decimal value in smarty

I stored price value as


in MySQL now i need to display this value as

2/2.00 Lacs 
3.5 lacs 
20/20.00 lacs
2/2.00 crore

Possible duplicate question is here


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I agree with Rob Agar.

I'm not sure on the figures you have, but something like this for a custom modifier is a starting point

function smarty_modifier_indian_currency($price)
        // lacs

        if($lacs<100) return $lacs.' lacs';


        if($lacs==0) return $crore.' crore';
        return $crore.'/'.$lacs.' crore';

    return $price;
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Superb, its working for what i needed. thanks – iLaYa ツ Jul 12 '12 at 10:13

The tricky bit is handling Indian currency formatting, which is covered in this question. After that it's straightforward to add a custom Smarty modifier to allow you to write something like this in your template:

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