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How do I return to the place I was before pasting some yanked text?

And then back to where I was immediately after pasting?

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You can remap it if you'd like as well:

nnoremap p p`[
nnoremap P P`[

` jumps to a mark, and [ marks the location of the "first character of the previously changed or yanked text".

As for going back to where you were after pasting, well, it's the unsurprising `].

If you ever have a similar problem, you can always check out which marks exist with :marks. Also, you might want to look at :help `[ for more details.

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Ctrl-o / Ctrl-i will jump you to older/newer locations.

e.g. Ctrl-o will take you back to your previous location, and Ctrl-i will send you to the later location.

See here for more details.

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Thanks for answering. I am aware of Ctrl-o/Ctrl-i but it does not work in this case! :( Does not bring you to where you were before the PASTE of a yank! –  Robottinosino Jul 12 '12 at 9:37
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You could set a marker manually and return to it afterwards.

Setting a marker a:


Returning to marker a


Note that both commands have to be supplied in normal mode, and that no : is necessary before them. You can use any letter (not just a), and also use multiple markers at the same time.

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This looks good, especially if I set the marker 'm' (faster to type for me). –  Robottinosino Jul 12 '12 at 9:53
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