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What is the purpose of the colon?

e. g.:

Dim objConn : Set objConn = OpenConnection()`

Is the colon used to combine the two statements into one line? I just want to be sure.

P.S.: I tried searching the answer to this question on Google with no luck.

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The proper spelling is "colon", which may help your searches on google. "colin" is commonly a man's name. – Paul Sonier Jul 17 '09 at 18:28
DOH Thanks McWafflestix! – burnt1ce Jul 17 '09 at 18:51

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Yes, the code would work exactly the same on two lines; the colon's just a statement separator.

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You can put two (or more) lines of code in one line. It's most often used, as in your example, to declare and set a variable on one line.

Think of it like a semicolon in every other language, except optional.

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Yes this is correct. In VB style languages, including VBScript, the colon is an end of statement token. It allows you to place several statements on the same line.

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What you have stated is correct. The purpose of the colon is to combine 2 otherwise separate lines into a single line. It works on most statements, but not all.

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