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I am wondering if i can write the code for android, IOS, Linux at the same time, using the same programming language. Maybe C? I am doing a project on that and can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

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C is shared by both but its very complicated and requires a huge indepth knowledge of both platforms and API's, also the UI can't be created with C as they both differ hugely in how to display data / controls. The result would be a C library to use in both and java / objective-c for the front ends.

If you have to do it with 1 code base i'd recommend a thrid party hybrid solution such as phonegap which is essentially a website wrapped up in a native webview with a few hooks into some native functionality. or Appcelerators titanium which you write apps in javascript that allow you to use there library to access native controls / API's.

I've used Titanium before and find it quite good, android can be a little buggy from time to time

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You can use some mono-based soltion. Xamarin for example. Or you can embed Mono into your application yourself. You will not be able to create interfaces or access some device-specific features but you can code your business logic in c# and use it anywhere.

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