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When sending json data to client side, I get the data like this.


But I want to get the data without the "Data" attribute. Like this,


How do I remove this "Data" part from the json object? Is it possible?

I access this data from this URL. api/matchingservicewebapi/GetUser

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just use returnedJson.Data in your code... like mydatas = jsonreturn.Data. – Onheiron Jul 12 '12 at 9:59

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Do this :

var json = {"Data":{"rows":[{"id":1,"cell":["1","amila","amila","False"]},{"id":2,"cell":["2","rakhitha","rakhitha","False"]},{"id":3,"cell":["3","Chathura","Chathura","False"]},{"id":4,"cell":["4","Geethaga","Geethaga","False"]}]},"JsonRequestBehavior":0};

​json = json.Data;

Working example here

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Thank you very much for the quick respond. It is working perfectly and thanks a lot. But how do I do this in url? Can't I remove from the browser URL? Like this.. {api/matchingservicewebapi/GetUser/}.Data @manseUK – thilok Jul 12 '12 at 10:15


<script >
var data =
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If you manage the server (on url: api/matchingservicewebapi/GetUser) you need to change the output there.

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If you get the JSON results in a results variable, for example, you could do results = results.Data.

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