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Using MSTest in Visual Studio, I am having a problem with Selenium WebDriver and, in particular, ChromeDriver. Whenever I call quit on the ChromeDriver, I get the message "chromedriver.exe" has stopped working" and the program freezes up.

I attempt to close each of my drivers at the end of all tests, in the class cleanup:

        public static void ClassCleanup() {
            drivers.ForEach(x => x.Quit());

The Firefox driver closes down fine but the Chrome driver always justs stops working. Can anyone help me with this?

Edit: A bit more of my code, for clarity (the path points to the chromedriver.exe program that I have added into my solution):

static IWebDriver driver;
        static IWebDriver chromeDriver;
        static string baseURL;
        static List<IWebDriver> drivers;

    public static void ClassInitialize(TestContext context) {
        drivers = new List<IWebDriver>();
        driver = new FirefoxDriver();
        chromeDriver = new ChromeDriver(path);
        baseURL = "http://localhost:4444/";
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An answer posted here solved my problem.

An earlier version of the driver (20.0.1133.0) quits and closes down without any problem, this fixed the problem for me.

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