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I have a custom post type and a custom taxonomy setup - pretty standard stuff.

However, I would like to know how I can restrict my client from selecting more than one taxonomy category per post?

I don't mind them being able to create and delete taxonomy types, but I don't want them selecting more than one. Because these are checkboxes, they CAN. Perhaps radio buttons might work?

I have seen solutions use jQuery to change these fields, but they seem a bit hacky. What's the best practice way to do this?

Many thanks, Michael.

Attached, is a screenshot of my custom taxonomy box.

Custom taxonomy

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I realize this isn't a full blown answer but something as simple as listing the categories (or taxonomy terms) with a dropdown would do the trick. I don't know of one personally but there's got to be plugin that does this. No offense but this certainly strikes me as a problem that's been solved before.

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Well that's what I thought, but I only find hackey answers from 3 years ago...and even they aren't ideal. Was trying to locate an idea that was perhaps standard via native WP options. –  Michael Giovanni Pumo Jul 12 '12 at 20:05

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