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I'm using jQuery Mobile to make a mobile version of my website and have a question regarding refreshing cached pages. I have a header bar and have placed a login button on it. If the user clicks the button and successfully logs in, I replace the login button (on the server side) with a logout button. The problem is, if I press the browser back button, the login button is still displayed. Subsequently loaded (non-cached) pages correctly show the logout button.

I'm presuming this is because when I press back, the page is coming from cache? Is there a way I can refresh the header bar so it shows the logout button on cached pages too? I don't think I can just refresh the entire page in question because I don't know which pages the user has visited before they login.

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There is a number of options:

1) Disable pages cache (browser back & forward buttons):

$.mobile.hashListeningEnabled = false; 

2) Create event catches the current page name and than manipulate the header: (something like...):

$("#PageName").live("pagebeforeshow", function (event, data) {

    // get current URL
    var pageName = $(location).attr("href").split("#")[1];

    // manipulate by the page name
    if(pageName == XXX){


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