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Here I am trying to provide the datasource from my Java program to jasper file.

Here is my code:

InputStream reportStream = new FileInputStream("C:/Documents and Settings/report2.jrxml");
JRDataSource datasource = new JRBeanCollectionDataSource(allEnergy_Caliberation, true);

JasperReport report = JasperCompileManager.compileReport(reportStream);

System.out.println("above error");
JasperPrint print = JasperFillManager.fillReport(report, parameters, datasource);

I need to pass the datasource in report and wanna print its values.
Similarly in the same jrxml file in Summary section I have added the subreport and I also need to provide values for this subreport also.

Please help me out by providing the steps.

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This seems to be a JasperReport bug, you should update yours. More info here:… – Diego Rodrigues Jul 13 '12 at 11:34
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Finally I have done it..

Actually datasourse was not going in subreport.. so I have changed the property of when no data to all sections,no data...

Then I have passed the collection variable where I have fetched the subreport using parameters.put("shape_data_all",allShape_Caliberation);

Then I have created a parameter in main report.. and changed its class to java.Util.Collection..

Then in subreport property, connection type= Use a datasource expression

Data Source Expression new$P{shape_data_all})

Then added the fields in the subreport same as I have in the bean properties..

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