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I have

string inputXml = @"<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
                      <Child1 value='10' />  
                      <Child2 value= '20' />                           
                      <Child1 value='30' />  
                      <Child2 value='40' /> 
                      <Child3 value='50' />                          

Need a linq query that will fetch all teh values from the inner childs.

Output will be

Child1 : 10
Child2: 20
Child1: 30
Child2 : 40
Child3: 50

I am lost after this

XDocument source = null;
source = XDocument.Parse(inputXml);

var res = (from data in source.Descendants("Child")
          select data);

Help needed

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var res = xmlSkuDescDoc.Descendants("Child")
                       .SelectMany(c => c.Elements())
                       .Select(c => new { Name = c.Name, Value = (string)c.Attribute("value")});

This should return list of anonymous objects with two properties: Name and Value

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