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i am writing in WinApi/MFC my own control CCustomComboBox , which inherits from CComboBox, and i would like to draw in items instead of putting into them only a text.

I achieved this by defining a style CBS_OWNDERDRAWVARIABLE and then draw in OnDrawItem function, but i don't know how to draw on a main window of ComboBox( select item).(the window on the top of combo box) I can call on it for example SetWindowText() but I would like to draw anything on it for example LineTo(). In general i would like to copy what is drawn on a particular item of combo box to edit/main item. But to do this first i would like to know how to draw on it. Thanks for advices! Przemek

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This article support.microsoft.com/kb/174667 shows how to subclass editbox part of a combobox. I am not sure that after subclassing you can draw in an edit box, but try this. –  Alex Farber Jul 12 '12 at 11:59
hmm I still don't know how to solve it –  Przemyslaw Wisniewski Jul 12 '12 at 12:29

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