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I am documenting the keyboard shortcuts for our web application. Please share if these are not the right keys to use, for any reason, such as interference with browser's own keyboard shortcuts/ OS shortcuts or general usability's sake.

The shortcut initiator will be     SPACE    , similar to how some gmail shortcuts use '*' as initiator. The list of shortcuts is rather big but here are a few of the key ones:

functionality - shortcut

  • SAVE -     SPACE    +S
  • Undo -     SPACE    +Z
  • Redo -     SPACE    +Y

Our Web Application is a one page, without scroll, Js application. We are cosidering John Resig's Hotkeys, Mousetrap, jKey for the plugin. Any thoughts, warnings would be much appreciated on the use of the above keyboard shortcuts.

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Is there a reason not to use Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y? Of those, I would think only Ctrl-S seriously interferes with the browser's shortcuts, but given that it is a web application, is the browser's own Save functionality really needed? –  PPvG Jul 12 '12 at 12:05
@PPvG - Ctrl-S will bring up the browser save page. From what I have read, while Firefox will not interfere with ctrl-S, others are not so lenient. –  Kayote Jul 12 '12 at 13:02

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