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I have the following Xtext2 grammar:

  macros += Macro*

  "@string{" name = ID "=" value = LATEXSTRING "}"

  '"' (!('"'))* '"' 

When parsing a the string

@string{ABBREV = "Some Long Text"}

and storing it in some object macro of type Macro it has the following values:

macro.name: ABBREV
macro.value: "Some Long Text"

both of type String (EString). I would like to have the value without quotes though. How can I achieve that?

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You have to register a value convert for the rule LATEXSTRING. According to the docs, it should look like this:

private LatexStringConverter latexStringConverter; 

@ValueConverter(rule = "LATEXSTRING")
public IValueConverter<String> converterForLatexString() {
  return latexStringConverter;


public class LatexStringConverter extends AbstractLexerBasedConverter<String> {
  protected String toEscapedString(String value) {

  public String toValue(String string, INode node) {
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That is exactly what I needed. I also found some source code at code.google.com/p/protobuf-dt/source/browse/… that shows how to apply it. –  Rupert Jones Jul 12 '12 at 13:28

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