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I have to search a DB2 database for a string that is a concatination of two columns. Is there a way to CONCAT the columns then use the combined string in the WHERE clause? I've searched but can't seem to find an answer to this.


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select * 
from MyTable
where Col1 concat Col2 = 'MySearchValue'
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Something like

SELECT *, CONCAT(column1, column2) AS s FROM table WHERE column3 = s
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After a bit more searching in the IBM manuals I came up with this solution that works for me;

 Col1 || Col2 as MyCol1
Where CONCAT(RTRIM(Col1),(RTRIM(Col2)) = 'searchvalue'

Thanks for the help

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The simplest solution works, no need to use CONCAT().

 SELECT Col1 || Col2 as MyCol1 
 WHERE Col1 || Col2 = 'searchvalue'

Just beware that the search will not be indexed. If you want it to be indexed, you have to use an index based on a function. Then 2 possibilities :

  1. The DB engine supports it (I don't think that DB2 does)
  2. Do it yourself : use an extra indexed column updated via triggers on INSERT & UPDATE.
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