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I have a theorem T, its proof, and the zillion lemmas used in proving it.

I would like to hide the lemmas, and make available only the theorem -- mainly because I don't want to have to think of good, global names for the Lemmas.

Can I place the theorem, its proof, and the lemmas in a module, restricted with a module type, and make only the theorem available?

Something like:

Module Type T_MY_T.
End T_MY_T.

Module T_My_theorem : T_MY_T.
  Lemma L1: ...
  Proof. Admitted.
  Lemma L2: ...
  Proof. Admitted.
  Theorem My_Great_Theorem: ...
  Proof. apply L1; apply L2. Qed.
End T_My_theorem.

If so, can someone please post or point me to a simple example?

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The Module Type A should contain Axioms for the theorems you wish to export. The Module B : A contains these axioms as theorems that need to be proven. It can also contain whatever lemmas and other machinery needed to prove the theorems. To access a theorem from outside the module, you can apply B.Theorem1, etc.

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