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There are a few examples out there that utilises animateWithDuration - are there any simple examples on how to use this function to move an image from point A to B ?

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Quick and dirty just to show it in use

class AppDelegate
  def application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:launchOptions)
    @window = UIWindow.alloc.initWithFrame UIScreen.mainScreen.bounds

    my_view = UIView.alloc.initWithFrame [[0, 0], [50, 50]]
    my_view.backgroundColor = UIColor.greenColor
    @window.addSubview my_view

    UIView.animateWithDuration(0.25, animations: lambda {
      new_frame = my_view.frame
      new_frame.origin = [100, 100]
      my_view.frame = new_frame
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The following code can be used for animating objects.

            my_view = UIView.alloc.initWithFrame [[0, 0], [50, 50]]
            my_view.backgroundColor = UIColor.greenColor
            view.addSubview my_view

            my_view.frame = [[0,0],[0,0]] #the position from which animation begins
            my_view.frame = [[250,400],[50,50]]  # the position at which the animation ends
            my_view.backgroundColor = UIColor.blueColor #you can also change other properties while animating
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Use sugarcube!

frame = my_view.frame
frame.origin = point_a
my_view.frame = frame

# animating the move to point_b is EASY
my_view.move_to point_b
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You might also want to look at Walt.

    move: "my_id",
    from: [10, 10],
    to: [50, 50]
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