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How to handle folder names which contains spaces?

In every function which requires folder name, im using string like that:

{server.address.com:port}"INBOX.abc def"

but it causes php to crash with:

Can't subscribe to mailbox "INBOX.abc def": no such mailbox

changing string to look like this:

{server.address.com:port}INBOX."abc def"

doesnt change anything, still error. How can i open/check/whatever folder with space in name?

Edit: Question updated with a bit better error message

Combinations of folder strings which i tried:

  • "INBOX.abc def" - fail,
  • INBOX."abc def" - fail,
  • \INBOX\abc def - fail,
  • "\INBOX\abc def" - fail
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You can try this sintax when you refer the directory: "\INBOX\folder with spaces"

So this solution gets "works on my machine" certificate. What error code do you get?

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Not working. Im not getting anything else than a blank page and PHP Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0 entry in php error logs. – WombaT Jul 12 '12 at 12:56
Maybe you will find the sollution here: compdigitec.com/labs/2009/08/02/… – user1514290 Jul 12 '12 at 15:33
thanks, that helped a bit, question changed. – WombaT Jul 13 '12 at 6:11


According to RFC3501, Mailbox Naming (5.1):

Any character which is one of the atom-specials (see the Formal Syntax) will require that the mailbox name be represented as a quoted string or literal.

That includes space:

atom-specials = "(" / ")" / "{" / SP / CTL / list-wildcards / quoted-specials / resp-specials

so, the right folder string should be:

{server}"INBOX.folder with spaces"

but in my case, correct string is.....

{server}INBOX.folder with spaces

Dont know why, seems that PHPs imap functions are not fully compatible with RFC. Or just i cant read and understand rfc.

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"\INBOX\abc def" this is better but maybe your INBOX in in the wrong place!
It must be in the "htdocs" i think!
and you can acces only a file, not a folder!
like: "\INBOX\abc def\file.txt"

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