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I have table called meta_data with the following structure

id, fk_id, label, data

where fk_id links to another table - books

The meta_data table has entries such as:

|id|fk_id|label|data   |
|1 |1    |pages|10     |
|2 |2    |pages|10     |
|3 |1    |pub  |smith  |
|4 |3    |pub  |smith  |

I want to do a select on books where there is entries in meta_data which match a number of parameters e.g. pages = 10 AND pub = smith.

So using the example above I would get the entry back in the books table with id 1 (2 and 3 would not be included as although they match one of the criteria, they don't match both).

This query would also need to be dynamic so I could query on 1 or more label/data combinations in the meta_data table e.g. I am querying on 2 combinations in the example above but might want to query on 4 or 5.

Also there might me multiple entries in the meta_data table with the same label but different data values. e.g. there could be another row:

|5 |1    |pub  |jones  |

Can anyone give me an example of how this query should look using MySQL?

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SHOW CREATE TABLE books; SHOW CREATE TABLE meta_data; – Sebas Jul 12 '12 at 13:05
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This is an example for the condition you specified in the question. If you want the condition to be more dynamic you should build the query dynamically in the application.

Select b.book_name from books b, meta_data m, meta_data md
WHERE = m.fk_id and = md.fk_id 
and m.label ='pages' and = 10 
and md.label ='pub' and'smith' 
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