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I have this codes. My question is How i can remove .1 one from rest of numbers in my output.

Its gives : The counter is 1464.1 I want it to give : The counter is 1464

$i = 1000;
$t = 10;
while ($i < 100000000) {
echo"<p>The counter is $i";
$i = $i + ($i / $t);

And output is :

The counter is 1000

The counter is 1100

The counter is 1210

The counter is 1331

The counter is 1464.1

The counter is 1610.51

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What have you tried? This is not complicated. A simple cast or a regex replacement will work. – Jack Maney Jul 12 '12 at 13:14
0_0 Who up-voted this question?! Seriously, the OP showed absolutely no effort or initiative. – Jack Maney Jul 12 '12 at 13:30
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Use intval:

echo '<p>The counter is '.intval($i) .'</p>';


Display purposes only use the above code.

Data manipulation use:

$i = intval ($i + ($i / $t));
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Use intval():

$i = intval( $i + ($i / $t) );
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You can type cast it when you echo it.

echo "<p>The counter is " . (int)$i . "</p>";
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You can use:

echo "<p>The counter is ".floor($i)."</p>";


echo "<p>The counter is ".intval($i)."</p>";

These will effectively 'cut off' the decimal (or give you the integer value)

or you can round to the nearest integer:

echo "<p>The counter is " . round($i) . "</p>";

OR if you are trying to subtract .1 from your answer (it is unclear in the OP without more examples) you can do this:

echo "<p>The counter is ".($i - .1)."</p>";
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