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In our company, we have bought a web application that we are testing in the intranet zone. We are using IE 8.

Basically, on a particular page, there are a few buttons, and one of them populates a fairly big gridview.

Then as soon as I click on another button that causes a postback, I immediately get a 'web page navigation cancelled (DNS Error).

At first I thought it could be a problem with the URL being too long, but it's not the case.

Then, the vendor performed the same actions on his computer, and it worked correctly. Clearly, this is not a problem with the website itself, but probably a configuration with IE8.

Unfortunately, we cannot use or test with Firefox or IE9. We are stucked with IE8.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Take a look at the answers on this thread, specifically the one by SpritX. Many reasons this could be happening and there are a few solutions in that discussion you can try.

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