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The tutorial http://sinnerinc22.blogspot.de/2010/07/adding-syntax-highlighter-to-jamwiki.html describes how to enable syntax highlighting in JAMWiki.

My problem is that in the recent version of JAMWiki v1.2 the two files to be modified WEB-INF/jsp/top.jsp and WEB-INF/jsp/close-document.jsp do not exist any longer...

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There is a third-party syntax highlighting tag extension available with JAMWiki 1.2 link that may work for you

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I am unable to get this to work using JAMWiki Version1.3.2. There is a missing class file, org.jamwiki.parser.jflex.JAMWikiCustomTagLexer –  haventchecked Apr 24 '14 at 15:52

I have added SHJS to my installation just following SHJS instructions rather than JAMWiki instructions. Simply edit JAMWiki JSP pages to add content as documented here. To see how does it work, look into the source code of this HTML document.

You even do not need to compile anything after you edit JSP, the server does this for you automatically.

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Do you think it'd be possible to list which JSPs you modified and post one as an example please? Thanks! I'm assuming you can just edit the JSP straight from the .war and then redeploy? –  haventchecked Apr 25 '14 at 14:53
Search for some text fragment you see in the generated HTML page (better directly from the HTML source code, not from a browser rendered content), over all JSP pages in JAMWiki project. You will find the matching JSP file very quickly. –  h22 Apr 25 '14 at 15:18
Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and posted an additional answer with complete details. –  haventchecked Apr 25 '14 at 20:05

Following up on Audrius's answer, here's exactly what you need to modify.

  1. ./jamwiki.war/WEB-INF/jsp/topic.jsp Modify it to look like this
  2. Download the SHJS zip and copy all of the individual files from ./css/, ./lang/, ./sh_main.js, and ./sh_style.css from the zip to JamWiki.war/shjs/. (This will flatten the directory structure so everything is now in ./shjs/. Flattening the structure is optional but it makes for easier paths when referencing them in the jsp.)
  3. You can modify the .war with 7zip or dig into your web app container file system and place the JSP and shjs folder directly.
  4. Redeploy or refresh as needed depending on your preferred edit method.
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