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I am creating an ATL project and I want to present some text results through a Dialog Box. I have all the text results in a list< CString >.

I am not deeply acquainted with ATL/MFC matters so I need a suggestion on how I can accomplish the functionality of the project. I decided to make use of an edit control on the Dialog Box to contain and present finally the text lines. My concern is how I can convey the CString on the edit control. Obviously I need some kind of a function by the Edit Control / Dialog Box. The Dialog Box comes with a class CTestDlg. Where and how should I add the code which is responsible for the Cstring elements to appear on the Dialog Box?

The class CTestDlg contains particularly the method:

LRESULT CTestDlg::OnEnChangeEdit1(WORD /*wNotifyCode*/, WORD /*wID*/, HWND /*hWndCtl*/, BOOL& /*bHandled*/)
// TODO: 

return 0;


in which the function to add the text is to be set. I am still though anware of the way it can be done since the function setWindowText can not be recognised inside that class. Lacks the class an include?

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Do you think a multiline edit control would be good for you? That is, you will need to SetWindowText with a joined string, with lines separated with \r\n, and then GetWindowText this back and parse out the lines. – Roman R. Jul 12 '12 at 20:58

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