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Sometimes we require to test the scenario if some machine goes out of network. i.e. to drop the communication between two machines. Linux provides a way to simulate such a situation. Whats the command for the same?

The one command i know is

iptables -I INPUT -s IP_ADRRESS -j DROP

To Take that one back in network

iptables -I INPUT -s IP_ADRRESS -j ACCEPT 

Are there better ways to do this?

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How about shutdown the interface? ifdown eth0 for example.

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Alternatively, to complement Aryan answer, if you are on the testing machine and want to simulate that the remote machine at IP address IP_REMOTE becomes unreachable

iptables -I OUTPUT -d IP_REMOTE -j DROP

to restore

iptables -D OUTPUT -d IP_REMOTE -j DROP

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