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i have several attribute sets in my magento store. (v. 1.6.2)

When i make a new product "socks" is the default attribute set. But i would like "clothing" to be the default.

How can i change this?

I hope anyone can help.

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Original question didn't seem to get answered here and I was looking for what Ronny also wanted.

Found there has been an extension released that does it simply for you.


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Unfortunately, it's not possible. You should create new product.

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i dont mean changing a products attribute set .... but the default attribute set before you start making a products –  Ronny Jul 14 '12 at 6:11
But it is possible to change a products attribute set ... You need the : Flagbit Change Attribute Set extension (free, from Magento Connect) –  Ronny Jul 14 '12 at 17:39
I spoke about default magento functionality –  siv Jul 14 '12 at 22:20

To change an existing product attribute set, you can Create a new Attribute Set that contain all the attributes you need

You can either install this extension (Change Attribute Set) or make the changes in the database (you will need to know the products id and attribute set id)

To manually change (Always backup before making changes):

Go to eav_attribute_set table and look for the attribute_set_id of the newly create attribute set (you could also get this in the admin by look at the url www.xxxx/edit/id/10/key/xxx on Edit Attribute Set 'xxxx' page)

After you have a list of all the product ids and corresponding attribute set ids, then go to the table below and update those fields

Table Name : catalog_product_entity
Field Name : attribute_set_id
Field Name : entity_id // is product_id 

Another way is to delete those product and recreate using the new attribute set.

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